👩‍🦯 What does guidance look like?

The smartphone for inclusive and universal mobility

Evelity offers 2 navigation interfaces. One interface integrating cartography, another with simplified instructions, especially for the visually impaired and blind!

✅ Adapted routes ✅ Simple instructions

Give your visitors and employees more peace of mind!

🤷‍♂️ Um... how does it work?

We tell you all!

Our team carries out a study of your infrastructure plans and defines the implementation of a network of Bluetooth beacons. It is thanks to these beacons that we can guide your visitors and employees from a point A to a point B.

We integrate a technological layer of type "sensor fusion" allowing the localization of the user's smartphone by integrating a network of beacons (Bluetooth beacons) and the GPS to treat the surroundings of the buildings. We add algorithms to the geographical data sources to associate the "raw" position with its "probable" position on a location (accuracy of 1m50 versus 15m on satellite GPS only). This is the so-called indoor geolocation technology.

BackOffice Evelity

And it takes time to set up?

A few weeks only, it depends on the surface to equip!

  1. Recovery of plans and POI to be covered
  2. Scouting of the site
  3. Implementation plan of the infrastructure
  4. Validation by the client
  5. Installation of tags and settings
  6. Creation and routing of locations in the application
  7. Tests and settings
  8. It's delivered!