🧭 A project designed over 10 years ago

A wayfinding application : indoors and outdoors!

15% of people in the world is disabled. We wanted to create an application that would allow all these people to be guided, step by step, to the destination of their choice, according to their profile and their abilities inside and outside complex places, in order to give them back their autonomy.

Since we don't do anything like everyone else, we take a usage-based approach with our designer, technology being only a means! Indeed, we are lucky to be able to count on our talented developers to make the most of the latest technologies and turn our ideas into reality. Sprinkle in a mastery of the industrialization process and the motivation of our sales ambassadors and voila, we present Evelity.

More and more demanding users

Places open to public must be accessible to all

Think big, go further and offer your users, visitors or employees with disabilities a digital solution dedicated to their mobility and...

  • Secure their movements within your buildings
  • Limit the stress of all your visitors and employees
  • Reduce the costs related to the accessibility of your infrastructures
  • Rely on a discreet and scalable solution (no work required)
  • And above all, become a model of accessibility for all!
ERP Application GPS pour tout Handicap
Evelity guidance solution for people with disabilities in metro network (1)
We know the needs of people with disabilities

A user experience built with +1000 user testing

Evelity meets the main needs of people with disabilities:

  • Be guided step by step in complex places in the manner of a pedestrian GPS
  • Gain autonomy and spontaneity
  • Discover points of interest (POI)
  • Get from one point to another in complete safety
  • An application that adapts to the users' disability
  • And above all, access the entire range of services offered by the venue
πŸ“± Digital technology at the disposal of autonomous mobility

For what type of disability?



  • Audio guidance (VoiceOver and Talkback compatible)
  • Alerts before instructions
  • Route preview
  • Phone in your pocket


  • Text descriptions
  • Use of icons
  • Preview of routes


  • Adapted itinerary
  • Route preview


  • Optimized travel
  • Route preview
  • FALC language
  • Phone in the pocket
🏫 Increase the accessibility of a place means facilitate the mobility of ALL

Where does our solution make sense?


Evelity has been designed to equip all types of venues, regardless of the complexity of the places: transportation, education, culture, health, businesses, real estate, tourist establishment, leisure park or other shopping center...

βœ… Scalable βœ… Flexible βœ… Discreet


Evelity is a solution of equivalent effect
to reach the objectives set by the regulation!