🏬 Evelity for buildings open to public

Offer more spontaneity and security to your visitors

The public venues must be more accessible and facilitate mobility in their buildings and surroundings.

Evelity allows this autonomous mobility, the access to the services of the place, the routes adapted according to the handicap (or not) of each!

Our all-accessibility wayfinding solution has been favorably tested as an accessibility solution for facilities open to the public.

Building open to public Evelity accessibility solution

Evelity adapts to all places open to public!


Subways and train stations




Universities and schools




Museums and cultural centers


Hotel Resorts


Recreation parks


Shopping centers

  • Improving the visitor experience and accessibility of the site.
  • Participation in the site's CSR approach.
  • Scalable and adaptable solution over time.
  • Device that respects the architecture and design of your site.
  • Optimization and complementarity with existing accessibility infrastructures.
  • Reduced stress related to mobility issues.
  • Improved experience during the visit thanks to better autonomy and accessibility to the services and offers of the place.
  • Increased sense of reassurance and security.
  • Free application for the visitor.
  • Indoor and outdoor routes covered.
  • Smartphone in the pocket, no need to carry it in the hand.

Our user-centeredness is the result of a long collective and participative process. This approach has allowed us to create bonds of trust and to generate numerous exchanges with users in order to better understand their uses and needs. That's why we edit the most universal solution possible so that it adapts to all types of uses and places. In addition to the customization of the application according to the disability.


Guiding a blind person in an public building!

Interview and test of Evelity by Khaled Khettab, UNADEV adapted computer trainer, in the Rockefeller Medical University in Lyon.

⚠️ The video is in French, activate the subtitles on Youtube!